Newsletter. 2019


This year we are celebrating the year of the Pig.  The pig is believed to be the most humanitarian sign of the zodiac so we are hoping that this year brings more humanitarian effort and compromise.

The elements for this year are you yin earth over yin water.  The water sits underneath the earth which is considered unstable water.   So just like last year we can expect earthquakes volcanoes and other Earth related disasters, along with financial instability

The Pig is in conflict with the Snake.  People born in a snake year ( 1929,  1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, and 2013 ). Should where a talisman of a tiger in order to keep the conflict away.  It is also important to wear a Tiger talisman, if you were born on a snake day.  It is important to look at the entire four pillars (Chinese Astrology) in order to find out the animal that represents the day that you were born on. 

People born in a pig year or on a pig day should also wear the talisman of the tiger.

Pig years are 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007.  It is not always considered good luck to be born the same year as the Chinese astrology representation.   It creates an offense which can make people very irritable and sometimes cause harm.

Some conflicts and offenses also create a penalty which will be true in 2019.

The conflict of the pig and the snake refers to air and sea disasters.  So caution should be taken with all kinds of travel.   Make sure that you have protected your automobile with a Car cure,  and are carrying some type of Travel cure for longer journeys. 

The grand Duke still resides in the Northwest and can be cured with a set of Fu dogs

Or a Pi you which is a representation of a flying dragon beast.

The pig is considered a nobleman for all people born on a yang fire or yin fire day

A nobleman can help keep danger away it works like a guardian angel.

If you wish to have more overseas travel this year you can place a horse in the north west this activation is good for anyone born in a rooster, oxen, or horse year.

Monkeys dragon and rats, are more likely to have legal trouble in the year of 2019, therefore it is very important that they cure the four-star affectively.


Good news this year the most difficult flying stars are no longer all in cardinal directions.

The two star which represents illness is located in the Northeast sector of the home.

The two star can be cured With a six Pearl cure or a six coin strand. 


The five star which represents misfortune is located in the southwest.  This star is also cured with a six pearl cure or a six coin strand. 

The seven star which represents robbery or things taken away is located in the south east for 2019.  This can be cured with a seven star cure or a blue crystal. 

Many flying star practitioners believe the six star to be safe.  However, others believe that it needs to be cured.  If you want to cure the six star you can use the same cure used to trap the seven star.

The four-star is the only one that remains in a cardinal direction, it will be in the north this year and is thought to create lawsuit and affair energy. This star can be cured with a four star cure or some other representation of fire.

Many flying star practitioners believe the three star to be safe.  However, others believe that it needs to be cured.  If you want to cure a three star you can use the same cures used to trap the four star.

The remaining flying stars, 8, 9, and 1. Are considered timely which means that they are positive star.  The eight star is in the center and can be activated with moving water or other kinds of movement. The eight star represents immediate prosperity related to money and wealth.  although the eight star may be difficult to activate in many peoples homes unless you can see the center of the house from the front door.

It is believed that in order to create a better year it is important to celebrate the Chinese New Year,  and to put something red on your door that honors the energy of the current year. 

A list of our Chinese new year celebrations is included in the class list below along with the dates that you can join us to make a hanger for your front door.