Newsletter 2021 Year of The OX

As 2020 ends we will be entering a year of Yin Metal over Yin Earth.  2021 will still be a difficult year but the predictions for 2021 are much more stable than those of 2020.  Early on in the year we will feel as though the ship has landed.  As we get off of the water,  It should be easy to feel more grounded, balanced, and that we can make wise judgments and good decisions.  Years with yin metal can signify fighting, rioting, guns, and civil unrest, which of course the year will bring.  The Chinese astrology cycle runs in 60 years.   To see what kind of energy is coming up we can look at recent history to help us understand what the year will look like.  So in this case we would be looking back to the early 60s.  Those years were tumultuous enough that  most of us either have heard about or remember them.  Yin metal can also represent refined beauty and a good sense of self.   The most important thing is we should have a sense of what is coming next.  Hopefully it will bring a sense of well-being again.

The HSAI calendar shifts on February 4.  This will be the day the year of the Oxen begins.  February 12 is the official Chinese new year according to the lunar calendar. The five aspects or five elements shift and change as each new year begins,  these elements help us to predict future changes and events.

The earthly branch is the Oxen. Oxen years represent hard work and diligence. An Oxen is beast of burden and spends most of its life working hard and carrying heavy loads. This is the best explanation of how 2021 with feel. Some of the instability of 2020 will end.  Hard work and recovery will begin.  

Even though the earth of the Oxen is more stable than the energy of 2020. There are some dangerous aspects to it.  It is considered a weak earth element, not only because metal sits on top of it, but because the earth is born in winter and therefore relatively unstable. This can trigger Earth disasters such as volcanoes and earthquake.

Because there is still a total lack of fire in the yearly elements, we will still have difficulty finding joy and happiness in the year.  Also because the earth is not as stable as we would like air and sea disasters are still likely. So continue to carry a travel cure.

Illnesses that will be prevalent this year will be related to earth and the lack of fire. These illnesses may include diabetes, blood circulation, and heart issues.  Lack of fire means that depression and suicides could still be an overriding problem from a mental health standpoint.

The animal in best luck is the Rat.  People born in the year or the day of the rat should experience better luck.  Of course this  depends on the other aspects within the chart.  People born in the year or day of the goat may experience conflict in 2021.  Carrying a talisman of a rat can help to mediate the conflict. Goat years are 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991,Etc.

People born in Oxen year or an Oxen day could experience grumpiness and irritation During 2021.  They can also carry a talisman of a rat to reduce irritation. Oxen years are 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, Etc.

People born in the year or the day of the dog are more at risk of accidents in 2021.  They also should carry a talisman of a rat.  Dog years are 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, Etc

Animal years run in 12 year cycles so adding or subtracting 12 will give you any of the animal years that are missing.

 When a dog, oxen, and goat see each other it is considered a penalty.  Penalties may sometimes bring harm to a person.  That is why is it is important to carry the talisman of rat until February 4 of 2022.

Attached to this email is a picture that can be used as a door hanger for 2021 it should help bring in all of the good aspects of the year.  It has a very happy oxen on it and cats to bring money.

It also includes the calligraphy for the happiness symbol which is thought to bring happiness, good fortune, and blessings.

At this point I have not scheduled classes or events for 2021.  Because of the virus please keep an eye on the website and I will update it as soon as it is safe to hold classes and events.

For the Flying star Feng Shui it will be important to make the following changes.

A Pi-Xiu or pair of Fu Dogs should be placed in the Northeast. The northeast is where the Grand Duke will be residing in 2021.

The 5 star moves to the Southeast.  Place 6 coins, a metal chime, or a 6 pearl cure in the Southeast.

The 5 star represents aspects of misfortune and disaster.

The 4 star moves to the East. This Star represents affairs,  lawsuits,  and female issues.  Cure by using a four-star cure, or any representation of the fire element such as fire crackers. a red star, or a tapered red candle.

The 2 star moves to the North. This star represents illness.  It can be cured by placing six coins, a 6 pearl cure, or a metal chime in the north.

The 7 star moves to the North west.  This star represents robbery and things being taken away from you. It can be taken in many different ways such as water leaks in the home,  or medical bills.  Use a 7 star cure, a blue crystal or a blue bottle with water inside.  A darker cobalt blue is the best color to use to trap this star.  Place the item in the Northwest.

The 8 star which represents money now and is located in the west for the year 2021.  It can be activated by using a water fountain. a waving happy cat, or a clock with a secondhand.

The 9 star and the 1 star are both thought to be good stars.  The 9 star is in the Northeast and can be activated the same way as the 8 star if needed.  Please be careful when activating stars. You may activate a good star where there is a negative star.  This is because an star that is not useful resides there. It can reside there because of the direction and building year of your home. Therefore  it is possible to have negative results.

As 2024 draws closer we are coming nearer to a cycle change. These changes only occur every 20 years.

With this shift the three star is likely to become more active and need to be cured.  The 3 star is located in the southwest and can be cured in the same way that you cure the 4 star.

It is best not to dig or move earth in the north or the north east during 2021.

Since we cannot do the doorhanger class this year I have attached a picture that you can use on your door to bring happiness in the new year.  I created this page for myself therefore there wouldn’t be any copyright problems.