2022 will bring in the year of the Tiger.  The official date for Chinese new year is February 1St.
According to the HSAI calendar the energy shift will complete on February 4th

The elements that the year of the tiger brings in is a Yang water over Yang Wood

Yang water represents the heavenly stem for the tiger year, Yang wood represents the earthly branch for the Tiger year.  These two elements have a harmonious relationship and therefore we are hoping that we will have a more harmonious and balanced year in 2022.  There is also a fire hidden inside of the wood of the Tiger, this will be very helpful in 2022 in bringing some joy and warmth into the year. The fire element has been missing since 2017 and we have had strong elements of metal and water creating a lot of fear.  This fear should not be as prevalent in 2022. 

 Chinese astrology is a system that is over 3000 years old.  This system attempts to define the destiny of people.  The system is based on the lifespan of a human being.  In doing so it can also help us to understand why we are feeling a certain way.  The elements pervasive in the years of 2017 until 2021 helped to propagate fear.  Although these elements are outside of us they are difficult to ignore for most people.  It will be very important that we enjoy 2022 and the fire and warmth that it brings to help bring a positive energy for the next few years as we wait for fire to come in again in 2025.

 There is an expectation that Covid will not be as prevalent and concern us as much after March of 2022,  The pandemic was part of the metal and water elements that we found so pervasive through this past four year history.  Metal supports water and water creates fear.  Although we still have water, It sits on top of wood in which helps to soak it up therefore it won’t be as strong.

 Health concerns for the year of 2022 will be water and Wood related. Lower back, liver, and gallbladder are all related to wood. Kidney and bladder issues are related to water along with different psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety.

 The tiger forms a penalty relationship when it sees the monkey and the snake.  This penalty is typically related to travel.  And it will be important in 2022 that caution is taken when driving.  However this penalty is thought to be related mostly to air travel and trains.  Therefore extra caution should be taken whenever using these methods of travel.

 Travel typically increases during a tiger year especially overseas travel,  because the tiger is part of a traveling horse combination.  The strong travel energy should be good for the airlines and any other travel industries.

 The strong water on top of the strong wood in the Tiger year means that natural disasters will be related to water and wind.  Hurricanes and flooding and any other natural disasters related to wind and water, will have dominance.

 Animal years that are in conflict are Monkey years.  People born in the year of the monkey should wear a talisman of a pig in order to mediate the conflict.  Monkey years are 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016. According to Chinese astrology everyone has four pillars,  and there is a separate pillar for the year, month, day, and the hour each person is born.  It is important to look at a full Chinese astrology chart to make sure that you do not have a monkey in the pillar for your day.  The extra Monkey could cause a conflict.

 People born in the year of the tiger will have an offensive relationship with the year. These people also should wear a talisman of a pig in order to mediate the offense. The birth year for the year of the tiger is 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022.

People born in the year of monkey, tiger, or snake could suffer from a penalty relationship in 2022.

People born in the year of the snake should carry a charm representing good luck every year.  This typically is a charm that has all 12 animals in a circle representing the positive flow of energy.

 Feng Shui is considered a metaphysical art and science. Feng Shui is dedicated to enhancing and adjusting the external environment to help bring positive energy into a home or any other environment that we spend time in.

One type of Feng Shui is called Flying Star Feng Shui. This type of Feng Shui is based on the movement of the Big Dipper.  we use it to help protect us from the negative influence of certain star alignments.

This type of Feng Shui is based on the year the home or office was built and the direction that the building faces.

According to Flying Star Feng Shui the following cures and adjustments are recommended.

The five star which represents misfortunes and disasters will be located in the center.  This is the best place for the star because in most floor plans it is not as active when it is in the middle of the home.

It is important however to go ahead and adjust for this Star.   Placing a six pearl cure or a six coin strand in the center of the house will help mitigate the presence of this star.

The two star is located in the southwest.  This star represents illness and the cure for the two star is to place six coins or 6 pearl cure in the Southwest.  If this star alignment occurs in a bedroom it can also be beneficial to add some salt and still water in the southwest of your home.

The four-star is located in the southeast. This star represents gossip affairs and sometimes lawsuits. 
In order to mitigate this star place a four-star cure or strong fire element in the southeast. Strong fire element can be represented by a red candle, fire crackers, or a red crystal.

The three star has a lot of the same implications of the four-star. In the current cycle it’s considered safe and usable.  If it concerns you it can be cured the same way as the four-star with a strong fire element.   

The seven star is located in the west.  It represents robbery or things taken away.  In order to cure a seven star you can use a seven star cure, still water, a blue crystal, or three bamboo in a clear glass vase.

The six star represents liable and financial loss what is considered safe in the current cycle.  If this is a  concern to you it can be mitigated in the same way as the seven star is.

The eight star is located in the north east.  This is considered a good star and represents financial prosperity in the current cycle. You can activate it by placing movement in the northeast area with a fountain or a waving happy cat.

The nine star is located in the south.  In  2024 it will be the financial prosperity star until 2044. For some people it is prosperous to activate the Star early,  and you can do so by placing movement in the South.

The one star represents future prosperity and it’s located in the north.  It is considered a good and positive star and needs no cure in the current cycle.

Remember when placing your flying star cures that each home has natal stars which are true to the homes alignment. Therefore it is important to place cures carefully and be prepared to remove a flying star cure if something goes wrong.

The Grand Duke resides in the north east the same as it did in 2021. Having Fu dogs, Chi loons,  or a pixiu in that area helps to prevent negative aspects of the Grand Duke.  The Grand Duke is simply the location of Jupiter which is thought to be a strong planet and can affect our health if activated.

It is important not to dig where the two star or the Grand Duke is located.  Therefore is best not to dig in the northeast or the southwest.

Classes will resume in 2022 from January until May and I will be doing a Chinese New Year’s celebration via Zoom.  All classes will be done on zoom until the pandemic runs it’s course. I will post a link on the website on January 31st.

In order to take full advantage of the Chinese new year put five dollars in a red envelope and gift it to someone who needs it. This could be a child or another person who is down on their luck.  Also remember on February 1, and February 4, these are not good days to clean house take out the trash, sweep, or vacuum.  It is thought that the things you do and these dates will set the energy for the entire year. So work a little and have fun a little and make sure you create good energy.

If you tune in to the New Year’s celebration which I will be doing for my home via Zoom because it is a quiet location, and we will not have a lot of interference.  Remember to have a bottle of water that you hold the entire time we are chanting.  This will help you to create your own New Year’s water. You can use it with some orange peels to keep your cures clean and energized throughout 2022.

Also if you want to get an orange and put a red candle in it you can use this during the celebration to bring light to the year.  The peels from this orange can be rubbed along the bases of your entrances and exits to energize your home for the upcoming year.

Class list for 2022

January 13, 2022,   6:30 p.m.  We will be creating A door hanger for the front of your home. We will add of the positive representations for the upcoming year. If you take this class I will send the door hanger in an email and please make sure that you have something to color the page with since we will be doing this online.

January 27, 2022  6:30 p.m. Wealth for 2022, we will be reviewing all of the prosperity cures that will be most effective during a tiger year.

January 29, 2022  1:00 PM  Flying star Feng Shui for 2022.  We will be reviewing all of the flying star adjustments that need to be made after February 1St .   We will also be reviewing  what needs to be carried on your person for the year of 2022.

February 1, 2022 at 6:30 PM I will be doing the Chinese new year celebration via Zoom.  There is not a charge for tuning into this event.

February 3, 2022  Feng shui for Health, this will have an emphasis on the health cures  that are needed for the tiger year. Along with just the basic necessities to keep your health strong from a Feng Shui  standpoint.

February 4, 2022, I plan to be at the store from 10 until 6 so that everyone can get the cures that they need.  We will also open the store intermittently, however my outside work schedule is so packed it is hard to say exactly when I will be there.

February 10, 2022,  Feng shui for wealth.  We will be doing a general Feng Shui wealth class.  I plan on putting an emphasis on future wealth, and creating an understanding of what needs to be done to activate the energy is coming in 2024.

March 3, 2022   Feng Shui for Travel.  Because of the complications from the penalty against travel in 2022 how are helpful people class will have an emphasis on safe travel.

March 10, 2022   Feng shui for children creativity and happiness.  By March the warmth of the hidden fire from the year will have set in.  The emphasis will be on creating happiness for the entire family and how we can use Feng shui to support this area and this aspect of our lives.  

April 7, 2022  Feng shui for knowledge and self- cultivation.  Let’s learn how do use feng shui to be the best person we can be and how to make the wisest decision as possible both now and in the future.

April 14, 2022  Feng shui for the Fame area. This class will have an emphasis on how to be famous enough to keep your business strong and how to overcome respect issues and kindness issues that we face every day

May 5th, 2022 Feng shui for your career and life path. It is important that the things we bring into the our lives are supportive to what we want for our futures ourselves and our family.  It is also important that our careers and business energies are strong and supportive financially.  This will be the emphasis for this class.

May 12, 2022  Feng shui for relationships.  Emphasis will be on every type of relationship we encounter.

From personal relationships to business relationships, also harmonious relationships with our families all of these need to be cultivated, we will learn how to use Feng Shui to cultivate the best aspects of every type of relationship we encounter.

All classes are $15 unless otherwise stated.  You can mail a check or pay via PayPal using my e-mail address.

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