Lisa & Charles Montgomery 

Lisa is a certified Consultant in both the United States and Singapore. She also works with Realty One Group to assist people in a Real Estate experience that incorporates all their Feng Shui needs. Over the last ten years Lisa has developed her Feng Shui practice to be specialized in Feng Shui for desert environments. 

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About Us

Lisa practices BTB, Flying Star, Form School and Compass School Feng Shui. Her education includes Chinese Astrology (Ba Zi) and I-Ching Divination. Lisa has been certified by Helen and James Jay in Nevada City and has certifications from Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong. Lisa is a certified, professional speaker and Author of the book "Southwestern Feng Shui", A Practical Guide to Effectively Practicing Feng Shui in a Desert Environment.  Lisa’s practice is devoted entirely to Feng Shui. She maintains a vast working knowledge on the contemporary and historical elements. Lisa is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild, and her Feng Shui Education & Resource Center is acknowledged by the Guild. Lisa is the Director of the annual Feng Shui Festival. Lisa is available for consultations by appointment. 

Charles manages our store and can answer most of your basic Feng Shui questions, he has been through our certification training and all of our classes. Charles has been working in our store for 10 years as needed but is now in the store full time.