The Feng Shui Resource center has been holding Certification Trainings for over 10 years. In 2011 the school was recognized as a Gold Level School by the International Feng Shui Guild and still holds a gold level standing. 

Our training covers BTB Feng Shui, in its purity along with exterior form and history. We feel it is necessary to educate our students on different styles of Feng Shui so they can come to their own conclusions on how and what they want to practice.  Every practitioner has their own personal style and it is important that the student is able to choose what it best for them. We are one of the few training centers that take an open-minded view of Feng Shui and make sure our students are educated in other schools of Feng Shui. Even if you choose not to practice different areas of Feng Shui to be able to consult with a client in an educated manner is extremely important.

Lisa personally studied compass school Feng Shui, followed by BTB and then went on to study Chinese Astrology and Flying Star.  She feels that all of the education she has received over the years helps during a consultation. We are happy to answer any questions about our different education programs just call and ask.

Certification 1 Training:

See class list for dates:

Hours : Friday  10am -4pm, Sat-Sun. 9:30 am -5pm
             Friday  10am -4pm, Sat-Sun. 9:30 am -5pm

Cost $999.00

Class size: Minimum 3  - Max 9

$300.00 deposit to reserve your seat

**This course follows International Feng-Shui Guild Certification Curriculum Guidelines**

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form, learn how to create a balanced, and positive flow of energy in any environment.

Class Syllabus includes:

Day 1 (9:00-5)
Introduction to Feng Shui
Class introductions and why we are here.
What Feng Shui is and what it does. 
Theory behind Feng Shui
The movement of Chi
How it works in practice, Yin and Yang
History of Feng Shui
Feng Shui and its American History  

Your job as a practitioner

Day 2 (9:00-5)
Bringing Feng Shui into the home
Discussion:  Practitioner expectations and clients
The Magic Square and Trigram arrangement
Source of Feng Shui, Trigram arrangements and sequences, usage of Trigrams.
Types and styles of Feng Shui
Different schools of Feng Shui and when to use the different forms. 
Five Transformations:
Intense study of element bases and interactions in the environment
Elements relating to Natural Law and seasonal changes
trigrams, elements, relating to the compass and the use of the compass.

Day 3 (9:00-5)

Exterior Assessments:
     :Lot Shapes & Geomancy   Form School Feng Shui
     :Exterior Feng Shui
     :Assessment and Concepts relating to the exterior
     :Plants, colors, construction type, cures, and Bagua placement.

Street and Exterior water energy.  Shar Chi relating to the exterior of the property
Water energy relating to pools and fountains on the homes exterior.
Exterior cures and their usage
The Art of Placement
Aesthetics and Decorating with Feng Shui, creating balance
    :  Colors and their effect on the homes Chi
    :  History of Cures and their effect
    :  Subconscious effects of cures, both good and bad
    :  Creating your own cur
    : Furniture placement room by room
House Shapes
    : Effects and Meanings of different shapes
    : Curing and finding negative spaces
    : Creating a Kua Number, its meaning and usage.

Day 4 (9:00-5)
I- Ching  History, Usage and Divination.
Field trip: Home Assessment
Nine Star Ki:
Determining Ki numbers and curing for deficiencies
Cycles of the Ki
Energy cycle of Home and making a Ki Assessment
Meaning of the Ki on a personal basis

Day 5 (9:00-5)
Field trip
Ba Zi introduction
Traditional cures (pure)
Floor plan reviews
Flying Star Feng Shui Introduction

Day 6 (9:00-5)
Field trip:  home assessments
Dowsing:  Concept of using a pendulum & dowsing rods
Practice with the pendulum meditation:
Space and Ground Clearing
Interior Blessings
Personal Blessings and walks

We tailor our trainings to give you the information you need to put you in the field and help you make changes to your life and others.

Continued Education:

Flying Star Feng Shui:

See class list for dates

Hours : Friday 10am -4pm, Sat-Sun. 9:30 am -5pm

Cost: $399.00  ~~This is a 3-day class there is a pre-requisite of our Certification 1 training.

Day 1 (9:00-5)

Understanding Flying Star

How it works

Day 2 (9:00-5

Cycles and movement of Stars

Day 3 (9:00-5)

Facing and Sitting positions

Cures for timely and untimely stars

Field trips

Bazi Training:  

See class list for dates

Hours:  Friday 10am -4pm, Sat-Sun. 9:30 am -5pm

​Cost: $399.00

Certification II Training: 

​See class list for dates

Cost: $999.00
Day 1: 

Secret of Secret Cures: 

Element Review

Understanding the Stars (Flying Stars)
Day 2: 

Flying Star Feng Shui
Cycles, Meanings, and interpretation
Walking Tour
Business visit
Day 3: 
Review the site (siting a building)

Home consultation with Flying Star Adjustments
Understanding the elements as they pertain to BA ZI
Day 4:
Chinese Astrology
Day 5:

Chinese Astrology

Reading a chart

All classes are located at Feng Shui Arizona.

Feng Shui Arizona (The Feng Shui Store) 7121 East 5th Avenue Studio 16 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Phone: (480) 854-6961

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