Class list for 2023

All classes begin at 6:30 and run around 90 minutes. Classes are on Thursday evenings and the cost is $15.00

I do have a zoom class planned on the 21st for New Years information.  See the class list below.


1-5. Chinese door hanger class.  This class will address everything we need to do for the new year and we will color door hangers for entrance and hallways in order to bring the new year in favorably.

1-12.  Wealth class for 2023.  This class full address how to keep the prosperity rolling through the entire year and what different things we can do to address the yin water and yin wood that will enter on January 22nd.

1-21 at 5:00. I will do a zoom class with cure explanations and an open forum for questions about the New Year
2-2.  Health with updates again for 2023.  We will address what kinds of health problems are most likely and how to avoid any health issues during a rabbit year including physical and mental health

2-9.  Prosperity and longevity. We will address both issues at the same time looking at long-term prosperity and long-term health.
3-2. Helpful people and mentors.  We will look at not only the people that can support us but how we find the right people to get us moving into the right direction and support us in where we want to go in life.

3-9. Children and happiness. How do we make our homes the happiest places they can be to bring us contentment and overall well-being along with the health and safety of our children and pets.
4-6.  Knowledge in Self cultivation.  How do our homes reflect who we are and help us to be strong, smart, and self-confident. We will talk about the things that will increase our abilities mentally and academically.

4-13. Fame respect and honor.  Probably one of the most important aspects of our lives we will talk about ways to use our home to activate every aspect of being respected and honored in our lives.

5-4.  Career life path and business energy all of these will be covered in this class. How do we increase business,  how do we make a strong career with upward movement. These items will be addressed and more in this class.

5-11 The last class for the year as usual will be relationships.  Again we will address each aspect of relationships.  family, personal, and business relationships.

 Lisa Montgomery

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