Class list for 2018

Chinese New Year celebrations this year we will be celebrated on February 3 and February 16.

All classes begin at 6:30 and run around 90 minutes. Classes are on Thursday evenings and the cost is $15.00
April. 5th  2018: The Relationship area. Have you ever wondered what you can do to enhance your relationships either at home, work, or friends? Along with the traditional cures, discover how by balancing this area in your home you can bring more harmony into your relationships. Relationships affect every aspect of our lives. We meet people wherever we go. Learn to make the best out of every interaction.
 ​April. 12th  2018: Nine Star Ki: What is coming in the near future for you and your loved ones. Which careers are best for you? What untapped talents may you have lurking in your Ki chart? What directions are safe for travel in what years? Nine star Ki astrology can give you a much better understanding of yourself and others. Come learn about it and have some fun.
May. 3rd  2018: Pendulum Dowsing: Learn how to use and become proficient with a pendulum. Pendulums can be used to answer any question including health and financial issues.
May. 10th  2018: What is Chinese Astrology: Going a little further than the Chinese Placemat you learn the meaning of a Chinese Astrology chart and how we use it to get information on future luck influences.

Saturday May 19th 2018: All day Feng Shui 10am to 3pm cost $45.00

June 7th 2018: I-Ching & Divination

​June 14th 2018: Earth Spirts and Geomancy

July 5th 2018: 

July 12th 2018:

August 2nd 2018:

​August 9th 2018: 

​Sep. 21-23, 28-30 2018  Certification 1 Training: 

Oct. 26-28 2018:Flying Star Feng Shui: 

Nov. 9-11  2018:  Bazi Training:

All classes are located at The Feng Shui Store. Class starts at 6:30 and cost is $15 dollars in a red envelope (red envelopes provided)

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