Home Feng Shui Consultation:

 Cost $108.00 for first hour, $72.00 per-hour for remaining

Includes:  complete charting and practitioner reviews for everyone living in the home, a House blessing, Feng Shui walkthrough, Flying
Star charting and Kua readings for up to four people. This is the best value to balance and harmonize your space.

Business Feng Shui Consultation:

Cost $108.00 for first hour, $72.00 per-hour for remaining.

Includes: complete charting and practitioner reviews for owners of the Business, a blessing for the space, walkthrough, EMF check, and Charts for up to four people.


Inspection Reports are done as additional advisement to client notes $60.00 

Home/Business Blessing  $120.00
Exterior House Blessings $159.00(additional cost for acreages)

In Office  Services:
Astrology Readings $72.00 per hour
Charting only $18.00 per person
Floor Plan Reading (by phone or at our business location) $72.00 per hour


To Schedule a Consultation call Lisa or Charles at Feng Shui Arizona (480) 854-6961 

Please call 2 weeks in advance to schedule your Feng Shui Consultation. Pricing is for the Metro Phoenix area. Travel time may be added for other locations. There is an additional $36.00 charge for Tucson, Prescott and Payson locations


Ba Zi readings: (in-store or over phone) Cost $25.00 for 25 minutes

Ba Zi refers to a form of Chinese Astrology that incorporates the entire birthday.  We look at luck cycles and changes. 
Elemental adjustments to explain and cure health concerns.  Auspicious date selection for contracts, moving, marriage and other important events. 
Bring your questions, we will look at the chart to help you with answers.



Real Estate Sevices:

You need a new approach to sell real estate in today’s market.
Lisa Montgomery’s unique service Specializes in real estate that draws from the ancient practices and principles of Feng Shui. 
The author of Southwestern Feng Shui receives phenomenal results selling homes and finding you the right home through the
practice of Feng Shui.


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