2020. Year of the RAT


The big news is Feng Shui Arizona is moving to a new location we will reopen on January 2,  Charles will re-open the store Thursday through Saturday in the afternoons.  It will also be open for scheduled readings and appointments and for classes.  Our good friend Larry Moore at Windsinger therapies will be using part of the facility to do acupuncture.

 Our new address is 209 East Baseline Rd. E-105. Tempe, AZ 85283

 The new classroom is not as big as we hoped however we have a lovely outside space to do our rituals for Chinese new year.  To accommodate everyone you will notice on  the class list that I am doing three free classes in order to accommodate everyone and prepare us for 2020.  The classes will not be right before the ritual which should be helpful in keeping everything running on a timely basis.

The Chinese New Year’s rituals will be on January 25 which is a Saturday and it will begin at 6:30 PM

We will do a second ritual on February 4 which is a Tuesday which again will begin at 6:30 PM

Please attend the rituals if you can,  they’re extremely helpful in bringing the new year in properly and celebrating 2020.   The concentration of the ritual for this year will be joy, happiness and prosperity. Remember to bring your dollar for the red envelope.  And a small water bottle so the water can collect the blessings from the ritual.
We will be doing  free Flying Star classes on January 3rd,  January 17th, and  January 28th . Our classroom seats about 20 people comfortably so we are hoping by scheduling the free classes separately everyone will be able to learn in a comfortable environment.

 The schedule for January and February:

January 2nd, wealth for 2020. This is a class covering wealth cures that are good to do on or around the Chinese New Year.  There will also be ideas for Wealth and prosperity cures that should work well in the year of the Rat.

January 3rd,  January 17th and January 28th will be our free Flying Star classes.  This Class will cover all of the things that are necessary to keep our homes in alignment for 2020.  We will also cover what changes we need to make personally and what the expectations for 2020 will be and what dates are best to make the changes. All of these classes begin at 6:30

January 9th and January 23rd will be a door hanger class,  in this class we will be creating a door hanger to celebrate 2020 and bring in the new year properly.   What we create will be hung on our front doors until February 5Th.  This class is a great opportunity to let the universe know what your expectations are for 2020.  These classes have a $15 fee and begin at 6:30

January 30th, we will be doing a new brand new class on Joss paper rituals.   This should help in the  understanding  of not only what Joss papers mean, but how they can be combined to help everything from ghost elimination to harmonizing relationships and family dynamics,  to increasing wealth. There is a $15 fee and it begins at 6:30

January 25Th is the first day of the 2020 shift.  This date comes from the Lunar calendar.     February 4th is when the Chinese Solar calendar shifts.  This is the period of time to make adjustments for 2020.

Having red by the front door can help welcome the New Year’s energy in.  It is best not to sweep vacuum or take out the trash on January 25 or February 4Th   Try your best during this period of time to say things out loud that you want for the year and not to do anything that would create disharmonious energy such as arguing or cursing.

Animals in best luck for the year of the rat are the oxen, the monkey, and the dragon.  All of these animals have a combine relationship with the rat.

The animal under direct conflict in 2020 is the Horse.  It is important for everyone born in a horse year to carry the talisman of an Oxen in order to mediate the conflict away. It is a good year for the horse to move house or change job.

The Rat is in a relationship that is offensive. The Rat is in the same direction as the grand Duke. This can typically create some anger and grumpiness.  Rat year people should also wear a talisman of an Oxen. 

The animal in the penalty relationship is the rabbit this relationship can sometimes cause health issues and it warns of the need to be very cautious throughout the year of 2020.  People born in the year of the rabbit should also wear a talisman of an oxen. Because it is a peach Blossom year this penalty can also affect relationships.

The Rat is one of the animals that represents a flower of romance, also known as a Peach Blossom animal. A Peach Blossom can create very exciting romantic energy for the year, especially for people born in The year of the Pig, rabbit or goat (sheep).  Good news if you are born in one of these years or days, it could be exciting romantically.

If you were born on a Yin wood or Yin earth day, the Rat is your nobleman and can help you escape danger.

The elements for 2020 are yang metal heavenly stem, and a yang water Rat is representing the earthly branch.  The Asian culture has been recording the passage of time for thousands of years.   The information is  recorded using the five element theory.  The five elements are water,  fire,  wood,  metal, and earth.    Different concentrations of these elements help us to understand universal relationships along with the effects of those relationships.

We  experienced these elements Before in 1960.   We often think of 1960 as the beginning of a very tumultuous few years. Although metal and water work well together they are both very cold elements which suggests that the year will not be harmonious.  We can expect more turbulence, anger and riots during the year of 2020.

Health implications for the year are mostly related to lack of fire,  These include heart issues and blood circulation issues.  During the beginning of the year with the water being so strong people may also experience depression, anxiety, vertigo and migraines. Wood is under attack in 2020 which can be difficult for people with arthritis. 

The water for 2020 has no foundation and because it is big water it represents ocean.  Therefore we may see problems with metal related to ocean.  Examples are sinking ships and disasters relating to unstable foundations.  The stability of the metal can also relate to airline accidents.

On or before February 4 it will be very important to address the movement of the flying stars and the Grand Duke.  The grand Duke moves to the North.  Try to keep the North area of your home quiet and do not turn earth or create a lot of movement in that location.  Using any of the celestial guardians in that location will help to protect the home, these include: Fu Dogs (Chinese Lions), Pi Chou’s (pi Xio) and Koi (Qi) Loons.

The flying Star five representing misfortune moves into the East for 2020.  Cure the East with a six pearl charm, six coin strand, or a six tube chime.

The flying Star seven representing robbery and things being taken away. The Seven flies into the center for 2020 use the blue fish cure to trap and remove the energy of the seven star.

The flying star Four representing lawsuits,  affairs and female problems moves into the Southwest.  To trap and remove the energy of the star it is necessary to put a red crystal or a four star charm.

The flying Star two moves into the South for 2020.  This star represents illness.  Please trap and remove this energy by using a six pearl charm, six coin strand, or a six tube chime. Do not turn earth in this location.

The flying star three and the flying Star six are typically considered safe.  However different practitioners have different opinions about the effects of the stars.  If you are concerned the three star can be cured with the same cure that is used for the four star.  And the six star Can be cured with the same cure that is used for the seven star.   The Six star is in the south east and the Three star is in the north.

The 8, 9, and 1 are all considered good stars in the current cycle which lasts until 2024.   Sometimes it can be beneficial to activate the eight with movement such as a fountain or a waving cat.  The eight star resides in the northwest for 2020.       

When energy flows and the yearly elements are not prosperous, doing proper feng shui becomes more important than ever.  Feng shui enhances the commodity of luck and in the upcoming years it is going to be more and more important that we have the best feng shui possible.  The Chinese astrology does not represent all of our luck,  our earth luck can be changed and enhanced with proper use of feng shui.

Thursday night classes for 2020.  Please check the website for a full updated class list.