CHINESE NEW YEAR 2024 Year of the Dragon 

2024 welcomes the year of the dragon, the year officially begins on February 10, 2024. The shift of
energy for 2024 will be on February 4, according to the HSAI calendar.
2024 brings in a year of Yang Wood over Yang earth, the energy looks like a tree sitting on a mountain.
There is water hidden inside the mountain, so the wood has water to grow and soil, it a very strong
wood year.
The Yang Wood element is strong, so the energy of 2024 is obstinate, stubborn, and principled. Making
it harder to find peaceful solutions to conflict. Luckily, the Yang Wood is also reliable and
straightforward, so there will be toughness with honesty in international relationships.
The Chinese calendar duplicates itself every sixty years. The flying stars are not the same so there are
energetic differences however, the general energy is the same. 1964 was a year of conflict with lots of
protest, and with the Vietnam war at its peak. The first draft card burning was in May 12 of 1964.
However, along with this 2024 is also a good year for the arts. 1964 on February 9 was the first time the
Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show. 2024 is not only beneficial to the arts, but also to retail and food
Although many believe that the dragon denotes an auspicious year, that does not always hold true.
During a dragon year the gates of Hell are open, which symbolizes objects and people being trapped in
earth, along with things falling from the sky. During a dragon year, there are typically more
earthquakes, volcanoes and movement of earth.
People born on a day with a month energy that supports them should have a good year in 2024. This is
because the dragon is earth element and represents money for Strong wood people.
Luckiest signs. , Rat, and monkey have a combined relationship with the dragon, giving them an
opportunity to have a luckier year especially in regards to career.
The dragon also has a combination relationship with the rooster, so the Rooster is considered the
luckiest animal in 2024.
If you are born in a rat, monkey or rooster year, you could have good luck in outside activities. If the
animal shows up on the day you were born you will have good luck in love.
Because it is the first year for the new cycle of nine. We are entering a new energy with a lot of changes.
Middle-aged women will have more positions of power and we will have a need to finish and tidy things
After 2017 a lack of fire was prevalent continuously, and will still be present in 2024. However, fire does
return in 2025 creating a cycle of more happiness and less depression.
The dog is in conflict for the year 2024, therefore, anyone born in a dog ear, or on a dog day, should
carry a Rooster talisman in order to protect them from the conflict.

People born in a dragon year or on a dragon day, should also carry a Rooster talisman as they are
offending the year.

The nine star is finally here. It has now become your main activation point for wealth and prosperity
health, and family harmony, the nine star is a fire star, and can be supported by wood, which includes
plants and the color, green, or light blue, they can also be supported by movement, such as fountains or
clocks with pendulums. This star is located in the southwest for the year 2024 houses facing or sitting
this direction may enjoy more prosperity.
If you were thinking about changing house moving into a home that is newly built and moving in after
February 4 of 2024, activates the new nine money star for the next 20 years.
The stars that need to be cured are the five star, four-star, and seven star.
The five star location is the west because it sits in a cardinal direction if your home faces or sits this
direction or if your home has windows in the west, it is extremely important to cure this star,
It can be cured with six coins and a cup of salt in a glass jar. It can also be cured with a six pearl strand.
Other items that are used to cure this star, are metal chimes and Wu Lu gourds.
The seven star is located in the south, which is also a cardinal direction, and therefore, if your home
faces, or sits south, or has windows in the southern location, you may be more likely to have things
taken away from you. In order to solve this, it is important to place a seven star cure or a container of
dark blue water or a dark blue vase in the South.
The four-star is located in the northwest and is believed to cause lawsuits and affairs. It is believed that
adding fire to this location will help to trap and deactivate the negative aspects of the star. This can
include a red candle, a four star cure or firecrackers.
Normally, we would put in a cure for the two star, but in this new cycle, it is no longer necessary as that
star has become distant future timely. Although the eight star is no longer timely, it typically does not
cause too many dysfunctions. However, if there are negative aspects around it, it can cause instability, if
it needs to be cured, you can cure it the same way that you cure the five star.
The 3 star and 6 stars are both considered safe and usable, it is not necessary to place any kind of cure
for these stars unless the stars from the house chart are negative. The one star is a positive star as it is
considered future timely and can be activated. The one star is located in the east for 2024.
For 2024 I have consolidated the classes so they may run a little long. Also, because we are doing these
classes on zoom it will help to keep them interesting. I expect this to be the last round of classes at least
for a while.

January 4, at 6:30
We will be teaching a flying star class which will encompass not only understanding basic flying star
feng shui, but also understanding how to place all your cures effectively for the new stars in 2024. This
class will be extremely important. If you are going to place your own flying star cures for 2024.
January 11 th I will do the door hanger class for the year of the dragon. This will include a review of the
Jos paper ritual that is planned for February 10 so you have a better understanding of what we are
trying to create during the New Year’s ritual.
February 1, This class will be wealth and health for 2024, this class will not only pertain to regular health
and wealth Cures, but once it will be most effective during 2024 year of the dragon.
February 8, I will teach an I- ching class. This class will center on doing readings for 2024. how to
understand what the year will bring by using our divination tools such as the I-ching book and pendulum
On February 10 at 2 o’clock I will record a New Year’s ritual. Make sure that you have a clear jar of
water, a red envelope, and that you are any location that you can do the chants along with me.
March 7, I will teach a class for helpful people, travel sector, and the children and happiness sector. We
will combine these two sectors as the element bases, the same and hopefully make for an interesting
March 14, this class will be on the knowledge sector. It will include different meditation practices along
with information on how to use the three secrets cure effectively.
April 4, this class will be on the same reputation and honor area along with the career area. These two
areas work very well in conjunction to help us create a smooth life path. Also, to help us attain the
things that we wish for.
April 11, I will spend this entire class, talking about relationships, all different types, and all different
cures and aspects of how to make all of our relationships as positive and beneficial as possible.


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