CHINESE NEW YEAR 2023  Year of the Rabbit 

The official New Years date is January 22, 2023. The full energy shift will be complete after February 4, 2023.  Lots of shifts energetically for 2023. The elements relating to 2023 are yin water for the heavenly stem, and yin wood for the earthly branch. 
The rabbit is in a harmony relationship with the Dog, Pig, and Goat.  The Dog is having the best luck.  This relationship is only one part of the chart and an astrology reading will show a better picture of your luck for 2023.

The Talisman for 2023 is the Dog. It should be worn if you are born in a Rooster year or Rooster day as the Rooster is in a year of change/conflict.  This will soften the conflict.  It is also a good idea for the Rabbit to wear a Dog as they are offending the year.  There is a penalty against the rat which could create scandals or illness.  They too may benefit from wearing a Dog talisman.  Talismans work best if they are red or attached to something red.

The Rabbit energy is very secretive which can create backstabbing and undercurrents of deceit.
A red jacket on the back of your work chair can help protect you.
Rabbit years are very good for weight loss as yin wood is thin like grass and moves easily.
Rabbit is a Nobleman and an academic star, therefore has intellectual properties.
Rabbit Nobleman (lucky escape from danger) is valid for people born on a heavenly stem water day or year.
The Rabbit is a flower of Romance for the Tiger, Dog, and Horse, making it a good year for people born in these animal years to have better chance romantically. Also creating more energy for an affair.

General cautions are air travel difficulties especially if traveling East or Northwest.
Fire energy enters its grave in 2023 which means it has very little energy.  This can mean more mental illness, dissatisfaction, and slowed economy. 
Illnesses that may be more present are back and neck issues,  heart,  brain, and eye weakness, breakage of small bones in Hands or feet.
Rabbit years typically see growth in cultural endeavors like art, music and science.
This year will bring strong Changes toward The end of 2023.

We are Moving out of a cycle of 8 and into a cycle of 9.  By the end of 2023 the changes will have set in, and homes will feel very different. For 2023 it could be necessary to activate both the 8 and 9 water stars.  Both from the house chart and the year. 

Remember, to safely cure stars it is necessary to run a chart for the birth year and direction of the Home.

 The 1 star sits in the Southwest. It is a timely star and no cure is necessary.
The 2 star relates to illness, it sits in the East. Place 6 Chinese coins or a 6 pearl cure in the East. Do not dig in the East.
The 3 star sits in the Southeast and no cure is needed as it is safe.
The 4 star is lawsuits/affairs and it sits in the center, use a 4 star cure, firecrackers or red taper candles to cure.
The 5 star is misfortune and disaster, it sits in the Northwest, cure with 6 coins or a 6 pearl cure.
The 6 star sits in the West and is safe, no cure needed.
The 7 star is Robbery and sits in the Northeast, cure with a blue crystal, a 7 star cure or dark blue glass.
The 8 star is still good activate with water and movement.
The 9 star is very good, activate with water and movement.  Do this cautiously. A 9 star also fires up negative stars.
Grand Duke is in the East.  Move you Pi-xiu s, Fu Dogs, or other guardians to the East.
No digging in the East.  Three killings is in the West so sit with you back against the West.
I have pondered doing a New Years event. However I got a flu like illness at the end of December and had to move appointments to the date the event was planned.  I will try to record something and will send an update if I am able.

I do have a zoom class planned on the 21st for New Years information.  See the class list below.

1-5. Chinese door hanger class.  This class will address everything we need to do for the new year and we will color door hangers for entrance and hallways in order to bring the new year in favorably.
1-12.  Wealth class for 2023.  This class full address how to keep the prosperity rolling through the entire year and what different things we can do to address the yin water and yin wood that will enter on January 22nd.

1-21 at 5:00. I will do a zoom class with cure explanations and an open forum for questions about the New Year
2-2.  Health with updates again for 2023.  We will address what kinds of health problems are most likely and how to avoid any health issues during a rabbit year including physical and mental health
2-9.  Prosperity and longevity. We will address both issues at the same time looking at long-term prosperity and long-term health.
3-2. Helpful people and mentors.  We will look at not only the people that can support us but how we find the right people to get us moving into the right direction and support us in where we want to go in life.
3-9. Children and happiness. How do we make our homes the happiest places they can be to bring us contentment and overall well-being along with the health and safety of our children and pets.

4-6.  Knowledge in Self cultivation.  How do our homes reflect who we are and help us to be strong, smart, and self-confident. We will talk about the things that will increase our abilities mentally and academically.
4-13. Fame respect and honor.  Probably one of the most important aspects of our lives we will talk about ways to use our home to activate every aspect of being respected and honored in our lives.

5-4.  Career life path and business energy all of these will be covered in this class. How do we increase business,  how do we make a strong career with upward movement. These items will be addressed and more in this class.
5-11 The last class for the year as usual will be relationships.  Again we will address each aspect of relationships.  family, personal, and business relationships.

All classes are $15 And begin at 6:30 PM

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